Summer 2011


Session I (June 20 - July 29, 2011)
Course Title Units CRN Days/Times Location Instructor
FRE 1 Elementary French 5 51491 M-F 10:00-11:40 125 Olson STAFF
FRE 2 Elementary French 5 51493 M-F 2:10-3:50 110 Hunt STAFF


Session II (August 1 - September 9, 2011)
Course Title Units CRN Days/Times Location Instructor
FRE 2 Elementary French 5 71567 M-F
129 Wellman STAFF
FRE 3 Elementary French 5 71568 M-F 12:10-1:50 159 Olson STAFF
FRE 100 Comp in French 5 73678 TWR 12:10-1:50 105 Olson M. Stem


Special Session (June 20 - September 9, 2011)
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Course Title Units CRN Days/Times Location Instructor
FRE 1A Accelerated Intensive
Elementary French
15 60318 M-F 9:00-11:50 244 Olson (see below)


FRENCH 1: Elementary French (5 Units)
FRENCH 2: Elementary French (5 Units)
FRENCH 3: Elementary French (5 Units)

Instructors: (See Above)
Supervisor: Prof. Julia Simon (&#106simon

Description: Presentation of the basic grammar and vocabulary of French as well as cultural information about the French-speaking world; in-class interactive exercises and out-of-class assignments for practice in using the language for listening and reading comprehension, writing, and speaking. French is the exclusive means of communication in class. The course meets five hours per week, with 20-25 students per section. Course materials (other than the textbook and workbook) and daily homework assignments are available through SmartSite. Textbook chapters: 1 to 6 for French 1; 7 to 11 for French 2; 12 to 16 for French 3.

Course Grade: The final grade for the course will be determined by daily preparation and participation (14%), homework (10%), three quizzes (15%), one major composition (10%), two in-class exams (25%), a final oral exam (6%), and a final written exam (20%).


  • For French 1: No previous study of French is assumed. Students who have never studied French (or who have had fewer than two years of French in high school and do not place into French 2) should enroll in French 1. Students with two or more years of French in high school may only take this course for a Pass/ No Pass grade.
  • For French 2: French 1 or Language Placement Exam.
  • For French 3: French 2 or Language Placement Exam.


  • E. Amon, J. Muyskens, and A. Omaggio Hadley, Vis-a-vis: Beginning French, 5th Edition (Textbook)
  • E. Amon, J. Muyskens, and A. Omaggio Hadley, Vis-a-vis: Beginning French, 5th Edition (Access Card)




FRENCH 100: Composition in French (4 Units) - CRN 73678
Instructors: Prof. Melissa Stem, &#109stem

Description: The primary goal at this level is to introduce you to the study of literature in French, which consists of two related introductions: to literature written in French and also to the critical study of literature. The first consists of reading a variety of texts written in French in different genres over a vast time span. The second consists of giving you certain tools and enabling you to develop interpretative and analytical skills that you use to understand better the texts we are reading (and others!) and to articulate your ideas about the texts in a clear and persuasive manner. This is where French class becomes literature class (i.e., the focus is on the literature and thus its language, but not the foreignness of the language).

Prerequisite: French 23 or equivalent.


  • Stillman and Gordon, The Ultimate French Review and Practice
  • Collins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary
  • Additional materials and all literary texts available on SmartSite




FRENCH 1A: Accelerated Intensive Elementary French (15 Units)
CRN: 60318

Dates: June 20 - September 9, 2011 (NOTE: This program extends into Session II, but you must enroll in Session I)
Schedule: Monday through Friday, 9:00-11:50am
Room: Olson Hall, Room 244


  • STAFF (June 21 - July 16)
  • STAFF (July 19 - August 3)
  • STAFF (August 16 - September 10)

Supervisor: Prof. Julia Simon (&#106simon

Course Description: This is a special 12-week accelerated, intensive summer-session program that combines the work of French 1, 2, and 3. This program is an introduction to Italian grammar and development of all language skills in a cultural context with emphasis on communicative ability. Not open for credit to students who have completed French 1, 2, or 3.

Students attending this accelerated program will learn the language with an emphasis on communicative, interactive classroom activities. Students will come into contact with the language not only through drills and exercise, but also via games, role-playing, and active class participation. The overall goal of these courses is to provide the students with "survival" skills in the target language and, at the same time, acquaint them with Italy and its culture. Also, these courses emphasize listing and speaking, and employ specific proficiency guidelines in determining the students' oral level during their coursework and at the end of the courses.

The syllabus for French 1A comprises Chapters 1 through 16 of the textbook, and the related chapters in the Workbook/Lab Manual. In this course you will learn pronunciation, and formal and familiar use of the language in introduction. You will also learn how to ask and answer questions and ask for simple directions. Definite and indefinite articles, nouns and adjectives, plural formation, indicative present of the verbs, numbers, days of the week, months, seasons, how to tell times, weather-related expression, use of the prepositions, and many idiomatic expressions will give you the ability to communicate at the basic level. Short dialogues, daily practice, conversation and use of videos make class attendance indispensable.

Attendance and Participation: The study of a foreign language is different from the study of other disciplines and is based on some specific requirements of which the most important is student's involvement. Students enrolled in French 1A need to come to class on a daily basis in order to benefit from the exposure to the language. They also need to come to class prepared, i.e., having done the assigned homework, but especially ready to participate in the daily activities, be they games, role-playing, conversation, drills, etc. For this reason, after three unjustified absences, any further unjustified absence will cause a student’s participation grade to drop, and his/her overall grade will suffer accordingly (see below for grading system and grading scale). Laboratory is required. Instructors will collect the lab work as scheduled in the Syllabus. Failure to comply with the lab requirements will result in a failing lab grade.

Prerequisite: A placement examination is recommended for students enrolling for the first time at UC Davis who wish to enroll in a course in a language they have previously studied. Contact the Language Learning Center (LLC), located at 53 Olson Hall. To schedule an appointment call (530) 752-1508. IMPORTANT: This intensive language course is not open for credit to students who have completed French 1, 2, or 3 (or equivalent courses) at UC Davis or other institutions.

Format: Lecture/Discussion - 3 hours; Laboratory - 1 hour.


  • E. Amon, J. Muyskens, and A. Omaggio Hadley, Vis-a-vis: Beginning French, 5th Edition (Textbook)
  • E. Amon, J. Muyskens, and A. Omaggio Hadley, Vis-a-vis: Beginning French, 5th Edition (Access Card)




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