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  • How do I apply for a travel award?  Students interested in submitting work to professional conferences are strongly advised to have their proposals reviewed by at least one faculty member prior to submission. In order to be eligible for departmental support, all abstracts must be reviewed by a least one faculty member. Once accepted and prior to the conference, forward to the Department Chair the email indicating that your paper has been accepted for presentation, along with a letter of request that includes an itemized budget estimate.  Because department funds are limited, consider applying to other campus sources noted in the Graduate Student Handbook.
  • How do I get credit (units) for my work as a TA? 50% TAs may sign up for 4 units of FRE 396.  Visit graduate staff offices for the CRN.  Make sure to sign up for the section led by your TA Supervisor.
  • How do I sign up for an independent study (FRE 297, 299, 299D) since I've completed my coursework?  Visit graduate staff offices for the CRN and complete this variable unit course request form when you meet with the instructor.  You must enroll in sisweb using the CRN.
  • What form(s) of ID do I need to be hired? You need 1 document from list A or 1 document from list B and1 document from list C (see page 9).  International Students, make sure to bring your i-20 or DS-2019 as well: I-9 Acceptable Documents.
  • Am I eligible for financial assistance for Childcare costs? See for information on the different childcare subsidies to learn which one(s) you may qualify for.

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