Michelle Lee

After I graduated from UCD, I took a year off to be part of the TAPIF program where I taught English to French high schoolers for several months. Now I'm a French graduate student at UC Berkeley this fall. I never really knew I'd be a French major. It started off as a language requirement for my English major and I grew to love the language so much that I majored in it. The great thing about the French major is that it isn't very long and you can finish all your requirements in good time while still completing another major if you wish. I originally thought that French would just be a great complement to my English major, but now it's opened my life to much more exciting things like travel, more job opportunities, and the ability to immerse myself in another culture and make friendships I wouldn't have made if I didn't speak the language. UCD was a wonderful experience and if you're majoring in French, you're in for some of the nicest, caring, and encouraging professors I have ever met. Yes, the French department and major is small, but it gives you the advantage of being in a close-knit community and the professors will always have time for you. Make sure you practice your conversations and don't pass up the opportunity to travel or study abroad. I learned most of my French in Davis, so I was always shy to speak to native speakers or practice French with my classmates. Don't make the same mistake I did and not talk to anyone because you don't have confidence in your ability. Making mistakes is part of the learning process and you'll get the feel for the language quickly if you visit Francophone countries as well.